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Drylet, Inc. is a privately held biotechnology company that was established in Texas in 2013. Its breakthrough biocatalyst effectively and reliably harnesses the powerful combination of nature and materials science to bioremediate organic waste in a variety of wastewater treatment systems – industrial, agricultural and municipal.

Drylet’s team is dedicated to helping each customer reach their goals utilizing a foundational and transformative technology backed by thorough process data analysis and field support.

Drylet has built its success on ensuring that its patented bioremediation technology and its process allow customers to overcome massive solid build-up in their lagoon systems and alleviate wastewater management issues that might be challenging their operations. The products’ superior performance helps customers’ profitability.  It allows them to focus on their core business and expansion, while complying with ever more stringent environmental regulations.

We are dedicated to solving your wastewater problems.

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How We Work

1- Identifying customer objectives and goals

Our first conversation with a prospective customer consists in asking questions and listening to their operational difficulties to learn about the problems they want to solve and the outcomes they seek to achieve.

2- Data collection

Data is at the foundation of all the work we do. Our detailed, system-tailored questionnaires guide our new customers through the essential first step of our process: gathering historical data about flow, loading, operations, and costs. Our technical team visits each facility to survey site conditions, collect data and samples from their wastewater system. We also meet with the plant operational team to gain a detailed knowledge of the operations, challenges, and constraints of their system.

3- Proposal

Based on the site conditions, data analysis, and performance objectives, Drylet will provide a solution proposal. The solution proposal will highlight how much valuable operational and financial benefits our process can deliver to the site.  It will describe the outcome targets, timeline, application protocol, and budget. <

4- Project

Once the customer has accepted the proposal and signed the contract, we go straight to work. We ship the product from our manufacturing facility in Houston. Our product application operations team coordinates with the customer to ensure that the required equipment and personnel onsite is ready when our team arrives to guide operations. Our process minimizes or eliminates any onsite operational disruption and typically reduces to a minimum the need for customer-supplied personnel.

5- Ongoing support

After the product has been applied, Drylet provides ongoing customer support in the form of weekly calls, onsite visits, and ad hoc engagement. Throughout a project, we will collect samples in the wastewater system and provide written progress reports to the customer so that we can quantitatively demonstrate our products’ efficacy. At all times, the technical team remains committed to supporting you, our cust0mer, throughout the duration of the project process to ensure your satisfaction.


We listen and ask questions in order to best understand the needs and goals of prospect customers.


Everything we do is based on data. Historical data is completed with onsite visits and multiple rounds of sampling to track progress.


Assessment of current operations and forecast of outcomes provide a strong foundation for new projects.


At all times, the knowledge that we can win only if our customer wins, remains our North Star.

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